New Year, New Style

Katy Randolph is an undergrad student at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Communications with a minor in Fashion Design Studies. She plans on completing her Public Relations certificate during her time at UC as well. Her passion for fashion is paired with a love of good deals making her a by-the-book frugal fashionista. In her time away from school, Katy works at Skyline Chili, a Cincinnati favorite, does a lot of studying and, a lot of shopping!

With New Year’s Eve right around the corner, we are all reminded of the familiar phrase, “New Year. New you.” As 2015 approaches, perhaps this old adage should be replaced with “New year. New style.” Many of us will be making resolutions for the coming year. Some will be kept and others won’t, but have you ever considered that your wardrobe could help you make and keep your New Year’s resolutions?
I have always heard that you should dress like the person you want to be and now is the perfect time to start. The New Year allows us to be whoever we want. Maybe the person you want to be this year is more fit, more focused and more fabulous. The clothing you choose to wear can help you turn these resolutions into reality.
For example, starting with fitness, refreshing your active wear can be a great incentive to get healthy. If your plans for the New Year include a lot of workouts then, stopping by an athletic store should also be on your itinerary. I would recommend updating your workout wardrobe by buying cute athletic shorts, cozy leggings or yoga pants, stylish tennis shoes, supportive sports bras and anything else you might need. These new clothes will give you even more reason to exercise. You’ll not only be able to show off your workout-wear but, sooner than you know it, your new muscles too! You might even have to go shopping again after doing all that work at the gym this year!
Now that you’re fit, what about getting focused? The words “dress for success” come to mind when I think about how to answer this question. If lazy days happen every day when it comes to your wardrobe, the New Year is the time to take it up a notch. Trade in your comfy t-shirts for cool blouses and your old sweatpants for dark-wash denim. A little effort will go a long way when it comes to looking (and feeling!) more focused. The more elbow grease you put into your look the more you’ll be willing to put into other areas of your life. Laziness is contagious. As soon as you start to slack in one aspect all of the others seem to follow. Stepping up the effort on your wardrobe is a great way to get motivated and feel more successful.
Fabulous. It even sounds incredible. Every girl hopes to encompass this word one day and there are a few great ways to do it for the New Year. First, research trends. Second, find one you love. Third, rock it! Being trendy is an instant boost to your fabulosity. And, the great thing about trends is that, by definition, they’re always changing. This means you can repeat the process all year long. What better way to keep a New Year’s resolution? Another step toward fabulous is to treat yourself. Get the dress you can’t live without, the shoes you’re dying for, or the purse that’s driving you crazy. A new and fabulous item is sure to make you feel the same.
Whatever your resolutions are this year, don’t forget that your wardrobe can help bring them to fruition. Whether it’s fitness, focus or fabulosity you’re after, clothes will assist you along the way. It is a New Year after all, why not ring it in with a new style?

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