New Years Eve

Kelsey Starner is a senior fashion merchandising major at the University of Delaware. She is a member of Gamma Sigma Sigma service sorority and a tennis instructor at Mobile Preschool Tennis. Kelsey has previously interned at Giorgio Armani, Marchesa, and Haskell Timepieces. She is a recent fashion blogger for Stylegodis

It’s that time of year again. While not so eager, stripping the tree of its ornaments and reflecting back (and slightly regretting) on your cookie binge are the first signs that the holidays are officially over. Sure, vegging out on the couch to ABC’s 25 Days of Christmas is no longer an excuse to get into the Christmas spirit. But, allow me to Taylor Swift you into temporarily “shaking off” of your current depressive state. There is still a glimmer of light amidst the bleakness of January’s arrival. Whether celebrating with close friends, or mingling with the unfamiliar, New Years celebrations are the perfect way to keep your spirits high and kick 2014 to the curb. So why not do it in style?
So you hear the word “style” and visions of dollar signs and life-sized shopping bags invade your mind. But you don’t have to sacrifice your bank account to look your very best. Christmas shopping is over; it is time to surrender your credit card (that is until spring break, at least). So tug on your closet hinges! The secret to New Years success is to pair the old with a little bit of new.

1.The first thing to look for is anything that can be recycled. Leather jackets or little black dresses are the perfect platform for any wardrobe masterpiece. The idea here is similar to a painting…it is all about layers. Don’t fret if a garment doesn’t appear special enough. This. Is. Okay. The objective here is to find something as basic as skinny jeans and a V-neck. The magic will come with the accessories.

2. Speaking of accessories, find one or two that really pack a punch. It is always a good idea to dress with bit of unexpected glam. This beaded cross body bag from H&M will be sure to up the ante…at an affordable price. While a clutch is fine for more intimate occasions, a cross body will provide a greater protection of your belongings at heavily concentrated gatherings. Thin belts can also create more definition and ultimately transform what was once too casual.

3. SHOES. Need I say anymore? While a pair of embellished pumps will surely impress, can you really dance the night away? This year is all about the booties. Whether ankle or over the knee, both will add a sexy edge while not sacrificing the comfort of your toes. Many of these boots can even be recycled from Christmas’ past. A black or taupe hue goes with everything! More importantly, closed toed booties will conceal any pedicure crisis left unattended.

4. Lastly, but certainly not least, hair and makeup can really transform a simple look into one that is spectacular. Focal eyes or focal lips? The idea is to pay attention to one or the other. If you perfect a smoky eye, enhance the look with a nude lip color. Or, apply a simple swipe of mascara to your lashes with an eggplant colored matte lip. It’s all about balance. The same can be said with hair. If your outfit has a lot going on, tie your hair back in a sleek pony. While loose curls can give a natural chicness to a pair of skinny jeans and sheer blouse.

December’s fretting over whether you were naughty or nice this year has gone and went. No matter, it’s time to open your closet, strap on some dancing shoes, and embrace the year that lies ahead. So when the New Years ball drops at 11:59, what will you be wearing?

H&M Beaded Clutch Bag; $34.95

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