New Year’s (or any time of year) Beauty Resolutions

We can all get into beauty ruts. We just keep doing things the way we’ve done them out of habit or not really knowing any better. But time doesn’t stand still. Time to update, freshen up, and reexamine those beauty beliefs and routines you’ve been doing for a while now.
• Cut down on prep time
Ladies, with so many multi-tasking products out there, getting ready to go out shouldn’t take hours. If you have an issue with this particular one, college is definitely the time to cut back. Hanging out in front of the mirror fussing with your hair is a time-waster. Set the timer on your phone and practice getting completely ready in say, 50 minutes. Then keep trimming time down until you can run out the door in half that time.
• Make peace with your hair
It’s time to come to terms with the hair you were born with. Now hold on, the suggestion is not being made that you live with it. Feel free to chemically straighten, color and curl (most women do something to treat their hair, if only highlights). What we mean is to understand and accept what you will have to go through to get the hair you want. If the price is too high, learn to live with your naturally beautiful hair.
• Stop picking
Ugh, zits. If you’re acne prone, you know the dreaded cycle – a pimple erupts and forms a red blemish which you desperately try to hide with cover-up until it’s healed. It’s counter-intuitive to pick at that zit and think it will heal faster, but it’s so tempting! Time to stop the cycle. Your skin will thank you. Picking increases the chances of transmitting bacteria onto your face, plus the potential for scarring. Treat your break-outs gently and consistently with acne prevention products and wait it out.

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