New Years’ Style Resolutions 2015 by Hollie C. Charles

Hollie Charles, is a graduate student at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta, GA, pursuing a masters in Luxury and Fashion Management. She hails from Trinidad and Tobago and enjoys travelling, writing, photography, cooking, collecting unique jewelry and art. Her personal blog can be found at For inquiries email [email protected]

2015 ushers in some of my most anticipated milestones as a young woman. I will be turning 25, graduating from my master’s program, launching the career of my dreams and moving to New York City. Acknowledging that my life will change rapidly and drastically means that I must also adjust my wardrobe to suite my new lifestyle. Here are my style resolutions to facilitate this transition.

1. Define my personal style.

Our college years is prime time for personal development and self-discovery. Our choice of clothing is an expression of who we choose to become. The greatest challenges of developing personal style are fear of being too different and temptation to jump on trend bandwagons. This year I resolve to be more fearless in my fashion choices, discover timeless pieces that truly resonate with my personality and incorporate them with current trends.

2. Buy fewer but better
As students we often fall victim to fast fashion brands. While these stores provide us with the ability to acquire trending clothing at an affordable price, the items may not last a long time. As we enter the workforce, it becomes increasingly important to build durable professional wardrobes. I resolve to invest in better quality pieces, especially where blazers, jeans, shoes and bags are concerned.

3. Create a capsule closet

My college years have also welcomed clutter and hoarder tendencies. I have acquired a lot of clothing from fast fashion stores and impulse purchases during sales. As a result I own a lot of items that I have never worn and will probably never wear. I resolve to embrace minimalism and create a capsule closet of only items that I love. If the choice is between buying several mediocre items and buying one item that I love and will wear frequently for the same price I will choose the one I love. This also means getting rid of unworn items by swapping with friends, donating to the Salvation Army or Goodwill stores or reselling it on or through thrifting apps such as vinted and threadflip. Why not share the love?

4. Foundation First

Your body is the foundation for any outfit. While we live in a time we can rely on the help of Spanx and similar undergarments, it would be extremely gratifying to achieve the same results on my own merit through a healthy diet and improved fitness. I resolve to improve the overall appearance of my body.

What are your style resolutions for 2015? What is the driving force behind the changes you are seeking?

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