Nighttime Beauty Tips

We all know the one cardinal rule in beauty: never go to bed without washing your face. No matter how tired, how tipsy or how lazy you are, always wash your makeup off at night. Sure, I follow that about 75% of the time and the other 25% wake up with smeared mascara down my face and all over my pillowcase. What… we can’t be perfect all of the time!
Ladies we need to get the dirt and grim off of our faces so they can rest along with us. The truth is, washing your face at night really is a key factor in maintaining healthy, blemish free skin. They say it takes doing something 21 times in a row to make it a habit. So start a countdown and see if you can wash your face 21 nights in a row. After that it will just be like second nature. To leave you feeling even more gorgeous in the morning, I’ve put together a nightly routine for you to follow. Remember, 21 times and it becomes a habit. You can do this!
1. Wash and tone your face
2. Remove any eye makeup with a gentle eye makeup remover
3. Apply any serums. The trick is to start with the thinnest serum and layer with thicker ones.
4. Finish with a moisturizer on your neck and face.
5. Take your vitamins at night. Your body will absorb them better and it will help you sleep.
6. Drink a full glass of water before bed. Dehydration makes your skin look more dry and wrinkled and nobody has time for that!
7. Pull your hair into a ponytail before bed to keep it off of your face while you sleep. The oils from your hair can cause your skin to breakout.
8. Switch your cotton pillowcases for silk ones. They help prevent sleep lines on your face and are gentler on your hair, which keeps it from breaking.
9. Now sleep, sleep, sleep.

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