No Guy Ever Wants That!!

by Amanda Reese

If you want to make sure you run off every guy from now until forever then make sure you do this. Cling.

No guy wants a clingy girl. I’m sure most girls couldn’t stand a cling guy. But girls who commit too fast are sure to frighten away their dream guy—even if the girl means well.

While girls tend to make decisions based on feeling and gut reactions. Guys make decisions off information—even as it pertains to their love life. The more time they get to figure thing out about you, the more likely they will take the next step in a relationship with you.

If a girl seems too clingy the guy becomes hesitant. He cannot learn from the girl who is always in his space. He does not get the mystery from her and part of the fun of the chase the guy desires is lost.

So what exactly do you do that looks cling?

Always making plans for you two to go out. Guys like to be in control. If you are always planning the next move, you leave no room for the guy to… simply be the guy. He wants to take charge so give him time to do so. If it seems like it has been a long time since you two have done something together, hint at that fact. Still, give him time to decide what the next move will be and when.

Uploading every picture every time you two go out. As silly as it may sound, this is one of the top red flags that this is not going to work out. You are already uploading what seem to be intimate dates all over the internet and you two are not dating. He won’t be able to help but think, if she acts like this now, I can only imagine what she’ll do if we start dating.

You are always lying on him. No matter if you are walking down the street or sitting on the couch sometimes distance is good. You don’t always have to walk hand and hand or rest your head on his arm while watching television. Give him a chance to find your hand sometimes or simply enjoy just the space you two share, as long as there is a space. Personal space is important for everyone.

Guys will give you hints if they find you being too clingy so make sure you heed the warning signs. It might be a subtle cancelled date, a delayed text back or even the plain statement, “You’re a little clingy”.

Ultimately, clinginess takes away from the chase of the man. Let him discover you on his terms sometimes. Don’t always be right under him every time he turns around. Give him time to miss you and actually want you to be around. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

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