Undecided major help

One of the major three questions we get in our final year of high school is. 1) What do you plan on doing after graduation?. 2) Where are you going to school?. 3) What’s your major?. This three questions can seem like a weigh down for every college graduate. During high school senior year we experience the burden of finding the right college perfect for us, major and many other things we consider. Although yes I would agree that it is important for you too have been able to figure out at least that major aspect of your life. it shouldn’t be something that should get you worried. When I was about to apply to college, I met with my advisor to discuss things that I felt I was good at. she only tried as best as she could to advice me on this, But I was still not certain of what I wanted. My parents always wanted me to be a doctor but then I realized that I had no passion for it. And so when I was applying for college it was only better for me to apply as an undecided legal studies major. I got into college feeling like I had one foot in and the other out. I somehow still felt conflicted with that despite the fact that I was already in college. The first time I met with my college advisor, The first thing she told me was that, A lot more people who enter into college without a major enjoy the best of everything and this made me very confident about myself. My main point here is that, Your major is something you might want to take time to decide on and so do not let anyone pressure you too feel like you have to be what they want you to be or rather do not let anyone pressure you to choose something you don’t feel comfortable with, I advice that there is still time to decide when you get into college.
Once you are in a college of your choice be sure to know that you are one step closer to figuring things out. You would definitely be assigned to an advisor that fits perfectly for you and its only important that you discuss your issues with your advisor. Talk about things you feel your good at, your passion and why you think this profession is something you would be able to do for a very long time. Also talk about your weakness and how you can overcome them. Ensure to not feel Embarrassed about these things because in a huge college there are so many majors and there are so many people that are having the same problem as you. Be certain that it is possible to still be undeclared till your sophomore year. Never be ashamed focus on what is most important and ensure to always keep your grades up. Goodluck!.

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