Non-Degree Continuing Education

One excellent way to improve your resume is to take continuing education classes. This allows you not only to add skills to your resume but also to gain new skills for your own toolset. Choose courses that contribute directly either to your marketability or to your capabilities and you will see positive results.

Depending on your field, your strengths and knowledge gaps will vary. You want to choose things that will either make your specific skillset even stronger or fill in those knowledge and skill gaps. For example, a programmer could either learn a new programming language that’s less widely taught, or take a public speaking or improv class to develop interpersonal and communications skill that other programmers might not have taken time to develop. Either of these things will add to their desirability.

Another smart idea for those without a degree in business would be to take a business class. These classes can be useful for almost everyone, and some cities offer them for free. The more you informed you are about what’s going on around you, the easier it will be to choose your next move, say the right thing at the right time, and interpret the moves and words of those around you.

That said, any class that you’re passionate about could be useful. Showing interest in something – especially something outside of your chosen field – is attractive to employers and will help you to connect with others on an interpersonal level. Plus, it’ll make you happier, and you never know who you might meet there that shares your passion. Be it a pottery class or a crash course in C++, follow your heart and your ambition and never stop learning.

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