Not for school but for life

My name is Nadia and I have graduated from Hofstra University with MBA degree in Finance. I am working as an Associate in a broker-dealer company in New York. I really enjoy sport especially tennis and hockey, art and fashion, traveling.

Please don’t put aside your calculators and pencils after hearing this phrase. You still need to work on your GPA and pass all the midterms and exams. However, please realize that the best learning experience you get from the university environment taken as a whole.
One of the most important things we can get in school is to learn to listen to each other, share opinions and generate ideas. It is extremely important to have your own point of view but you can’t overestimate the possibility to listen to the opinion of professor or fellow student. The best solution always comes through collaboration and communication. Everybody has his/hers own strengths and combined together they can produce significant results. This rule can also be applied for the team assignments. “Teamwork” and “peopleperson” are the integral part of corporate vocabulary. In school you can learn how to divide or delegate responsibilities, set up communication processes between the members, develop leadership talent. All of these skills are extremely helpful for your future career.
Another set of skills which you can obtain in college is: decision-making,time management and ability to prioritize and organize. It is not a secret that students have very busy schedules and a lot of work is waiting to be done. Before starting an assignment perform a ten minutes briefing to generate the ideas how to complete the project in the most beneficial and efficient way. Besides,you need to organize your time properly to meet the deadlines and show the best performance on the midterms and exams. You should learn how to plan ahead so you don’t leave your work pending till the last possible moment.You need to prioritize your assignments and then start working on each single project separately one the other according to your list.
Choosing between “easy A” classes and difficult but interesting classes- choose the ones that bring value. In case of bilingual students taking your second language class might bring you A but it does not bring you new skills or new knowledge. Go for the third language instead-it gives you the competitive advantage on the job market and opportunity to travel easily. If you a math genius, take a history class, it is your opportunity to learn more about different epochs and events. One day you thank yourself for going for challenge.
One of the greatest advantages of American schools is exposure to different cultures. First, don’t hesitate to befriend foreign students. It is a great way to explore new culture,language and food. In addition, you can provide some guidance to international students who might feel confused ,lost or homesick. There are plenty of events that feature different cultures on campus, be open to try one of those.
You have an opportunity to find your hidden talents or follow your dreams by joining sport team, entrepreneur club,painting or music classes etc. A lot of celebrities found their way in life thanks to participation in outside activities. You might decide to proceed with your career according to these activities or might not but in any case you get a lot of benefits such as new friends, new skills and fun time.
The least but not the last advice is to enjoy the time in college. Struggling with calculus assignment are forgotten in next couple of days but friends, great memories and new skills are left for the whole life.

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