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Film studies can encompass a variety of different subjects:  production, screenwriting and marketing.  For many interested students, they would like to learn about the process of writing a script for motion picture rather than producing it.  For these students, many schools offer a certificate program in the area of screenwriting.  These programs are available for anyone who would like to complete a professional-quality screenplay.

Certificate programs like this are open to any type of student:  part-time, full-time, undergraduate, or students with no college experience or history at all.  The best part about this type of certificate program is it can be completed completely online for those students who do not have the ability to attend on-campus classes due to work or personal reasons.

Normally these certificate programs are a part of the larger department of School of Media Studies.  Students are always invited to earn more than one certificate so upon completing the screenwriting certificate; a student can go on to obtain a film production certificate to receive a well-rounded education.

Screenwriting courses involve a sequence of several approved courses.  Upon completing the list of courses, students will walk away with an understanding of story character, theme development, action, visuals and dialogue, as they are guided through the screenwriting process by faculty.

In order to receive credit for classes taken specifically for certificate credit, the student musts be registered for the certificate program.  Students cannot retroactively add courses to their program credits.  However, screenwriting classes can be taken for noncredit or auditing purposes.

Screenwriting certificate students often end the program with a full screenplay and are welcome to submit it for film production and competitions through the school.

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