Occupations Similar to Locksmiths


Locksmiths fall under a category of employees that are sometimes referred to as maintenance, repair, and installation positions. Here are some other jobs that also fall into this category that you might also want to consider if you are thinking about being a locksmith.

Automotive Body and Glass Repairers

People in this profession work on vehicle bodies and also install and repair automotive glass. Their responsibilities include evaluating damage reports and coming up with cost estimates, inspecting vehicles for damage, removing damaged body parts, and realigning car frames if necessary. They also fix dents and other minor damage and weld new parts onto existing frames. They might also grind or sand surfaces or apply new finishes. When working on glass, workers in this occupation repair and install windshields and weatherproof windows. A lot of the cars automotive body and glass repairers work with have recently been in collisions. Some people specialize in a particular area by working specifically with collision repairs or working exclusively with glass and window damage. Just like locksmiths, aspiring automotive repairers ideally should complete a formal training program, although they sometimes learn on the job. If you were to work in this field your average salary would be just under $38,000 annually.

Computer, ATM, and Office Machine Repairers

If you were to work in this profession, you would be responsible for fixing a lot of the machines that consumers use in both businesses and households. The main duties of the occupation involve traveling to homes and businesses in response to client requests, talking to customers to determine the problem, using specialized tools to diagnose issues, and replacing malfunctioning parts. They also install large systems (such as ATMs), test systems to ensure they are functioning properly, and providing maintenance to prevent future problems. They also explain the functions of equipment to customers and take care of administrative tasks, such as filling out work order forms. Some people in this field specialize with just one type of machine, such as computers, ATMs, or office machines (such as copiers and printers). To work in one of these fields people usually take some postsecondary classes to enhance their knowledge of computers and technology. The average salary for people who repair computers, ATMs, or office machines is just under $37,000.

HVACR Installers and Repairers

The term HVACR stands for heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration installers. Workers who hold this position have a number of responsibilities, including using blueprints or other design plans to install systems, connecting systems to fuel lines or air ducts, and installing electrical wiring and controls, and testing for proper functioning. They also inspect and maintain systems to prevent issues, test components to determine what kind of repairs need to be done, replace defective components, and make recommendations to improve a machine’s efficiency. HVACR workers also have to travel to customers’ homes or businesses to carry out these duties. Just like with locksmiths, employers usually prefer that people in this profession have postsecondary training or have completed an apprenticeship. If you become an HVACR installer and repairer, you can expect an average salary of just under $44,000 a year.







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