Oil Up

When you hear the words olive oil, what do you think? Mostly likely images of cooking and food come to mind. Who doesn’t love the bread basket at dinner? Lately though there has been a bunch of buzz around using olive oil and many other oil varieties for beauty.
Smothering your body in oil may arouse the idea of a steamy night with your man, but oil is a fabulous moisturizer. It is one of Hollywood’s best kept beauty secrets to stay looking young. Keeping your skin hydrated is also the number one way to prevent aging. Think about the saying as smooth as a baby’s bottom. We say it because babies always have the softest skin. What do we put on babies to keep them moisturized? Baby oil.
Using oil to moisturize is truly one of the oldest beauty rituals of all time. You may not want to go that far, but using oil has some serious benefits. Have you ever read the ingredient list of the lotion you use? For most that it a definite no. Well next time you go to slather on your favorite scent, take a look at the back of the bottle. Lotions are full on chemicals and synthetic ingredients. Your skin is your body’s largest living organ. Do you really want to be putting chemicals all over pores, allowing them to seep into your body? Oil is an all-natural way to moisturize your skin and creates an awesome shine in the process. Again, we put oil on babies because their skin is so sensitive.
Oil isn’t only good for your skin, it is also great for your hair. Soaking your hair in oil is a great way to do an at home deep conditioning treatment. It is even becoming more popular for hair companies to include oil as an ingredient in their shampoo and conditioner. So next time you take a bath, add some coconut oil and drift away to the tropics. You’ll end up with smoother skin, softer hair, and looking younger. What could be better than that?!

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