On and Off with your Boyfriend? How to Get Over it and Move On For Good

Breaking up is tough. What’s even tougher is breaking up, getting back together and then breaking up again. This is a terrible cycle that too many girls get caught up in. Don’t be that girl! Once the break is clean, you won’t believe how great you feel. More importantly, you will be fresh and ready for new romance.
1) You can’t be friends with him.
Let’s be honest. You don’t want really want to be friends with this guy. If he is in your social circle, it may be even more difficult to cut ties. However, your friends will get it if you opt out of some activities and events where he may be. Give yourself some time and space to not be in a relationship with him at all.
2) You can’t badmouth him.
Yes, it’s tempting. Yes, it feels great (temporarily) to let it all out to your girlfriends, on social media or even worse, to his friends. But rehashing and reliving what went wrong with this guy is only pulling you down. All that venting is keeping those feelings fresh and present in your life. Choose a better, more positive path for yourself and leave it in the past.
3) You can’t keep digital remnants of him.
You are only human. You will be tempted to text him, to check his Facebook or Instagram or Twitter. Swipe your phone clean of any reminders of him.

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