On Debt and Loans

A lot of people these days are concerned with paying of student loans. The people who haven’t yet acquired any are listening to those who have a lot of them, and they are not a little concerned.

Here is my perspective on student loans. I see the people in the ads holding up cards with the amount of their loans on them. This level of debt scares people. They don’t know what to think. Do you know what goes through my mind when I see those ads?
“Is that it? I would LOVE to have my loans down that low! That’d probably be paid off in just a few years!”

Student debt does not faze me. I consider it to be like any other bill. You wouldn’t freak out that you had to pay rent. You wouldn’t freak out that you had to pay for internet or a cell phone. So why would you freak out that you had to pay for education? Particularly if you went to a good school, and it was well worth the investment. You invest for a reason: it’s a gamble to invest big now and win big later. In my mind, there’s only one question you should be asking yourself when you spend that much money on education, and it’s not “will I be able to pay this off?” It’s “Is it worth it to me to invest in it?” If so, go for it. It’s not a big bad monster to be afraid of; it’s a necessity of success in today’s world. Even if you’re a little gun shy but you see the potential benefits, I would go for it. Don’t worry–it might be a big price tag, but I can assure you—the quality of education and the pedigree of your post-graduation network will make it well worth the trouble.

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