Once You Go Black

Nicole Phillip is a senior at New York University expecting to graduate in May of 2015 with two BA degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Politics. Though focused on broadcast, Nicole’s first love is writing and she’s happy to share her thoughts with all of you.

Depending on where you go to college, getting ready for class might require an ensemble as simple as pajama pants and an old band t-shirt, or it might necessitate at bit more forethought- like a pencil skirt with a complimentary peplum top.
These differences become more apparent when you compare schools with a more casual atmosphere and clearly defined campus, like those in the South, to ones in New York City where the schools are so spread out, the entire metropolis is your campus and you are literally walking the streets of one of the fashion capitals of the world just to take your midterm exam.
If you find yourself attending a school in The City, or you just want to dress to the nines regardless of your setting, getting up every day to strut down the runway between your front door and your classroom can be time consuming and rip a bigger whole in your empty, broke-college-kid pocket.
But, c’mon, who wants to look basic during the best time to reinvent yourself? Good thing you don’t have to.
There’s a little secret to dressing like you have money when you can barely afford the packets of ramen and jars Nutella stored in your cupboard. To shed some fashion light on this secret, all you have to do is take a look in the dark.
Or take a look in the black.
That’s right, all black is the key. Black is chic, simple, and timeless- not just grungy and gothic. As long as your individual items look clean and aren’t worn out, then with a couple tops, some bottoms, a pair or two of shoes, and a few accessories, you’ve got enough outfits to last you the semester and no one will think you’re about to perform a séance in a graveyard- unless you want them to.
Imagine a nice, fitted black shirt, with shiny black tights, black booties, and a jacket of your choice (for that eye catching addition). Add some simple jewelry, and you’re ready to head to that English class across town or down the hall, and you’re also ready for whoever you might meet along the way.
The best part is, when you have simple black items, no one can tell that you’ve basically worn the same outfit 3 times that week and just switched the accessories, so you can focus more on your grades than your outfit.
Most City natives will tell you that wearing black can be the way to go whether you’re rich or poor, young or old. But don’t forget that all black is just the fool-proof foundation. Once you’ve mastered the art, don’t be afraid to move on to other pallets when the situation and mood arises.
Maybe you can break out that 80s throwback jacket you purchased from the thrift store and never got around to wearing.
…Or, maybe not.

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