Benefits of a business degree

Why get a business degree online? The bottom line is that it’s the most flexible way to put to move up in the company and make more money. The reality is that the median wage for all workers in 2012 from no high school diploma to a doctorate degree is $815/ week according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( That’s the half way point. What degrees earn less than $815? For all industries combined that means an Associate’s degree or less earns $785/week at best. That makes it a challenge to pay rent, own a car and eat. At least a bachelor’s degree jumps that wage to $1033/week and a master’s degree jumps that to 1,300. There are some qualifying factors. 15 out of 20 of the highest paid occupations are in the health care field. Nurses can earn a higher median wage per/hour than a teacher sooner with simply an Associate’s degree. The other fields that can tend to dominate the wage base are people who are adept at business. So why pursue an online business degree?
Flexibility of Scheduling
More and more software platforms are built around you instead of the school building. They are designed for you to be able to complete your school work around your schedule. One thing about the types of jobs without earning higher degrees is that they work odd shifts and/or long hours. It makes it a severe challenge for students to block out their schedule and go listen to a professor in a classroom when there are real bills screaming on the table, forcing you to work. Online business school allows you to complete the academic tasks on your terms.
Discussion instead of Simply Sitting
Many financial aid packages are dependent on your attendance record. That’s great on paper, but it becomes very easy in a traditional model to simply sit and listen to multiple lectures with no interaction. Because proof of attendance in online school comes by discussions required in the course room, you are instantly engaged in the instruction. This also helps you get a jump on learning the material.
Networking on Group Projects
Industry more and more are using web tools for collaboration for improved productivity. Learning those work habits don’t come from always reading the information in a book. The online venue gives you plenty of opportunities to interact with fellow learners in a digital world and learn the workplace skills you will need later in life.
Connecting with Professors
If you thought it was tough to schedule enough time to sit in a classroom, getting time with the professor could become tantamount to asking a visit with the pope. Most professors keep strict office hours and if you were stuck in a conflicted work schedule. Sometimes you were just plain stuck. With online schools you have the advantage of being able and even required to message the professor on any concerns or challenges you have in the course. This allows the professor to have a more engaging and supportive role.
As you consider what it’s going to take to help you make more money or move up in your job. Consider and online business degree as it is one of the most popular online degrees out there and for obvious reasons. With the correct leverage, you can improve your bottom line while your employer improves theirs.

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