Online Business Degree- Flexible Schooling, Flexible Working

Currently one of the greatest appeals to an online business degree is that a person can work it around their schedule. It is easier on complex family schedules or demanding jobs that make it difficult to break away to a traditional school. This is also a digital revolution in education. While online schools were looked down upon from prestigious universities, competition for your tuition dollar is fierce. It has forced many traditional schools to generate online venues to attract your dollar. Once you experience the flexibility of an online venue at school it makes you wonder. Can I figure out how to get more flexibility with my work schedule? How would that be possible with an online business degree?
The Realities
Much has been touted about flexible work schedules and telecommuting to make it easier on the employee. Much has been written on improved work environments and helping create healthy employees for higher productivity. The challenge was that telecommuting was supposed to be in wide use and substitute hours worked at the office for hours worked at home. Quite the opposite has happened. In 2012 the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( reported that for all of that push in the digital revolution fewer hours and flexibility are high on the list. The major thing it has accomplished has been to allow employers to leverage more hours out of their salaried employees by giving them access to other pieces of their workload at home. A full 24% of employees surveyed report that they not only put their time in at the office. They also carry a bit of it home to complete in other hours. Likewise, this is not embraced by all industries or employers. Flexible telecommuting is also not widely utilized in the workplace. Although it increased through the 1990’s to around 17% in some sectors, the practice has since leveled off with close to 0% growth in the last decade. So what is possible if you think flexible work schedules are your end game with your online business degree?
The Possibilities
In 2008 the Bureau of Labor Statistics also published another report praising the possibilities of a flexible work schedule. In delineating the possibilities, it looks at the situation with a larger lens. The 2012 study found that when telecommuting is employer driven it is typically allowed for upper level managers. It is especially found in the high-tech industries that are able to allow their employees to telecommute to the tune of more worked hours. Not everybody is looking to work in a power suit for a Fortune 500. If you are not in that category there are still ways to make your work schedule fit around your world. Some people become their own contractor and run their own business from their homes with their online business degree. You’re employer may have a task that eats up too much of their time. With some negotiation you may be able to figure out how to complete that task on a contract basis with your own business model. Many people do this on a part-time basis, gaining other clients along the way until they are able to go full-time with all the flexibility.
Other possibilities revolve around the types of industries. An online business degree opens you up to teaching classes and many people remain in education simply because of the flexibility of some fewer hours. Some creative thinking and reading up on the subject could open up your work hours to meet your needs. An online business degree is a great way to consider becoming a subcontractor for someone to open up those channels.

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