Online business degree

When people talk about business many days they talk about the risks involved. Maybe it’s too risky to start your own business. Maybe you are just jittery and you want a sure thing for your nest egg. Maybe you had an uncle that risked it all, and it didn’t work out, way back in the 1950’s and you just want to be secure. It used to be a sure thing in our economy to get your education and find that perfect job. That’s what worked out for your grandpa and he worked for the state until retirement. Not so much anymore. The education and job market has shifted as much as the digital revolution has changed the telephone. If you are reading this you may be in the category of people that don’t remember a world before the cell phone or the internet. Life has changed. Our fear of risk, however, has stayed pretty much the same depending on our family history. So if you are getting an online degree you want to reduce your risk with the best information possible. One great source is the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( Below are a few examples of what you can expect will be out there if you try to get a job after you gain a business degree from a reputable institution
Securities, Commodities and Financial Services
With the median potential to earn $71,720 or around $34 an hour, this entry-level position requires a bachelor’s in business with an MBA to gain advancement once you get your foot in the door. This industry anticipates 11% job growth between 2012 and 2022. Working in an office setting the duties would include consulting and selling financial products. Knowing various trends around the New York Stock Exchange as well as other financial exchanges helps keep your edge. Depending on the company you work for there can be commission or salary based sales packages.
With a median potential to earn $63,550 or around $31 an hour, this entry-level position requires a bachelor’s in accounting. Improvement of your prospects comes with passing the CPA exam. This industry anticipates 13% job growth between 2012 and 2022. The skill set to become an auditor also qualifies a person to work as an accountant. Working in an office auditors assess financial records to make sure that the organization is running efficiently and that the bookkeeping and tax-reporting are staying in compliance with various private and governmental regulating agencies.
Budget Analyst
With a median potential to earn $69,280 or around $33 an hour, this entry-level position requires a bachelor’s degree although a few employers will only consider a person with a master’s degree. This industry anticipates only a 6% job growth between 2012 and 2022. While most people work in offices, 41% of people with this job work for federal, state or local governments. A few of them work in universities or other companies that rely heavily on government funding for their sources of income.
There are other jobs that you can qualify for by gaining an online business degree. Do some more research and set yourself up for success as reduce your risk in today’s educational market and gain some realistic skills for great earning potential.

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