Online business degree- Rock stars in the board room

When we were kids we heard stories of King Midas touching everything and having it turn to gold or Rumplestilskin weaving straw into gold. No matter what the story was there seemed like there was some magic trick to getting the gold. We felt like if we could just find out where all the elves were, we’d be set for life. Then your alarm screams at you that it’s 6:00 A.M. and it’s time to face another day. So much for the magic. Last I checked there were no elves hiding in the back seat of my car as I wolf down some coffee and a crusty power bar left over in my gym bag. All nestled in my cubicle, it’s time to face another wonderful day in Paradise. Why can’t I get ahead? If you are asking the same thing, then maybe its time to upgrade your skill set.
Show me the Money
Society rewards people for a couple reasons when it comes to money. The first and obvious one we see in the media all day is the celebrities. Whether it is your favorite football, movie or music star we see that they are handsomely compensated for what they do because they have a specialized skill set that the majority values. Likewise, with a little less splash, but for the same reason, society rewards people with specialized knowledge. Surgeons, lawyers and even many plumbers make more money than school teachers or nurses.
The second reason society rewards people are that they know how to handle money and make it work for them. An accountant or business entrepreneur is an example of someone that know how money works and how to keep it working for their own interests.
What skills do I need?
The interesting thing about the rock star or surgeon is that because their skill set is not related to knowing how money functions. Many times these people lose their money once their day in the sun is over. History and the tabloids are littered with stories of people who scored big in sports, movie or music who are found homeless under a bridge, or broke and working at a car wash. Who has their money now?
It is probably someone who knew how to handle the money and keep it in their pocket. You have notable exceptions. Michael Jordan is an example of someone who was a phenom on the basketball court and quickly went on to become a phenom in business. He was as adept at being an entrepreneur as he was a basketball player. While you may not be able to hit that three point jumper consistently, what you do have in common with him is that you can learn the necessary skills to keep track of your expenses. You can learn to run a business or market a product. That’s where an online business degree comes in handy. If you feel like the cubicle is starting to close in on you, you don’t have to give up on dreaming about magical ways of coming up with the gold. You just need to start acting on a couple of the dreams and developing a new skill set. Check into an online business degree today and get started. You’ll be glad you did.

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