Online classes

Ahhh, the comfort of logging in and listening to a professor’s lecture from the comfort of your dorm, bed, or favorite coffee shop. Online classes certainly have their perks, comfort and ease of scheduling are huge benefits.

Before you enroll in an online class for your next semester you must consider a few things. As always, it could seem like a good idea at first but if you aren’t careful, you could end up scrambling to raise your grade at the end of the semester.

Start by weighing the course load of the online class to the rest of your schedule. Think about the course load of your other classes, extra-curricular activity commitments and work schedules. If you already feel overwhelmed, you might want to evaluate when you could actually fit in the online class.

That will be another huge portion of deciding on whether or not to take an online class. To really make it work, you must set aside a time in your schedule that you are going to dedicate each week to your work. Whether it is an hour for a couple days in the week or if you crank it all out on Sundays – you have to figure out if the class really does fit in your plans.

If you decide that an online class is right for you, it is important to stay organized. You aren’t going to have a professor telling you each class meeting when assignments are due or when exams are coming up. Begin the semester by writing down every due date in your calendar. Plan ahead and consistently check your upcoming weeks to make sure no assignments blind side you.

Communicate with your professor frequently too. Don’t be afraid to email them with questions or concerns. They are there for you online as much, if not more, than they are during a normal face-to-face class.

Online classes are perfect for those who are very organized and can make their schedule work.

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