Online creative writing degrees


Do you love to tell stories? Are you a poet? Perhaps you are intrigued by dialogue and want to learn to write screenplays? If your favorite way to express yourself is through words and you would like to turn your passion into a career, you should consider an online degree in creative writing.

What do creative writers do?

The first thing most people think of where they hear the phrase “creative writing” is novels and short stories, but these are only of the few options available to creative writers. Creative writing also includes nonfiction writing like biographies, songwriting, playwriting, screenwriting, writing for video games, and even copywriting for advertisements. Many people trained in creative writing also write web content and work as journalists, and some work for publishing companies, for example, as editors. Today many creative writers work on a freelance basis, which means that they are self-employed and have a variety of different clients, rather than just working for one company. So although creative writing seems like a specialized degree, it is actually quite versatile.

Do I really need a degree in creative writing?

The answer to this question depends on what you want to do. A degree isn’t absolutely necessary to become a novelist or a poet, though taking courses can certainly help you perfect your craft! But if you want to work as for a company or a media organization, you will need to have a degree. Degree programs not only give you the skills you need, but they also often provide valuable work experience opportunities through internships.

What will I learn in an online creative writing degree program?

There are many different types of online creative writing programs. Most start with a general liberal arts curriculum, including history, social science, and quantitative courses. Also, since reading is one of the best ways to improve your writing skills, you will take a wide variety of English and literature courses. Following that, the specific courses depend on the focus of the program (fiction, poetry, etc.), but you will most likely take some intensive writing workshops in which you do a lot of writing and receive extensive feedback. By the time you complete your program, you will have developed a substantial portfolio of your work.

What concentrations are available in creative writing?

In addition to a standard creative writing degree, many schools offer concentrations like business and professional writing, technical writing, and even creative writing for entertainment. There are also online master’s degrees in creative writing for students who want to further develop their skills or delve more deeply into a particular aspect of writing.

Whether you are a natural wordsmith with a few stories you’d like to publish or just want to improve your writing skills, an online degree in creative writing might be just the thing for you.

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