Online dating: Tips for success

Online dating…we’ve all thought about it.

As for the social stigma, get over it. Online dating is actually not uncommon at all anymore, and it’s been statistically proven to increase marriage satisfaction and lower divorce rates.

As it turns out, setting up a dating profile is not all that different from a good social media strategy. Marketing yourself is about constructing a positive image that stands out in the crowd and is faithful to who you are. Guys trolling through matches need a reason to click, just like any consumer reviewing a product.

Getting started, its crucial to avoid being redundant and cliché. Are you using the same vanilla opening lines as every other girl? “So I’ve never tried online dating before, but I thought I’d give it a shot. Here goes.” Nobody needs to hear your inner monologue.

And for the love of God, don’t lie. Because that will get really awkward later.

Once you have written a bio that attractively and accurately expresses the best parts of yourself, have your little brother or your best friend read it- if they don’t find it interesting, neither will anyone else. You’re selling yourself here, so you have to get creative.

What is it about you that people love most? Is it the way that you always wake up after a night out with gummy bears in your pocket? Add that in. It will make you look confident, fun, and unique in a cess pool of ordinary. And hopefully it will weed out the guys who don’t like gummy bears. Who needs them.

Once your profile is set up and you are ready to dive into that pool of potentials, the key is to have no shame. I once told a guy, “I probably like ferrets a little too much for your liking”. After all, we’re talking about a practically fictitious environment. Everyone you interact with is as good as imaginary until proven otherwise.

What’s the worst that could happen? They don’t write back. It’s hardly a rejection since they didn’t even meet the real you. Be brave and ride the wave! When you find someone worth your time, arrange to meet in a safe, public area, and let the sparks fly.

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