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Are you amused by clever commercials? Do you obsessively read billboards? Do you often find yourself whistling product jingles? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you might want to consider a career in marketing. Here is an overview of some hot careers in marketing and the degrees that will get you there.

Bachelor’s degree in marketing management

Marketing managers perform market research analysis to determine the demand for their company’s products and how much consumers will be willing to play. They watch for consumer trends and oversee the development of new products. They also provide advice to businesses trying to market products.

Some online bachelor’s degrees in marketing management are part of a standalone degree program, while others are part of a business administration program. Students in these programs study a variety of business and marketing topics, including economics, finance, accounting, market research, marketing and communication, advertising and promotion, and project management. They learn how to analyze and interpret market trends and manage product development. Business administration degree programs usually contain more courses in fundamental business topics, but in general these two types of degree programs are very similar.

Bachelor’s degree in Internet marketing

As with almost every other part of our lives, the Internet has changed how companies interact with their customers, including how products are advertised. These online degree programs combine the basic concepts in business marketing with the fundamentals of the Internet, including web technology, web design, search engine optimization, and user experience. As the Internet and mobile technologies quickly replace all other media outlets, specialists in Internet marketing will become even more in demand.

Master’s degrees in marketing

Students who wish to move up the career ladder can pursue an online master’s degree in marketing. These programs offer more advanced degrees in advertising, brand management, consumer behavior, and more. Many schools allow students to specialize in a particular concentration, such as international marketing, digital marketing, or marketing for specific sectors like education or sports. Graduate programs in marketing management are appropriate for marketing professionals who wish to assume additional responsibilities or move into managerial positions.

Currently, a majority of positions in marketing management are in professional, scientific, and technical services; manufacturing; and management of companies and enterprises. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects close to 30,000 new positions to open up for marketing managers in the next few years. Not only is this a growing field, but it is a lucrative one as well—in 2010, the median pay for marketing managers was more than $100,000. Students with marketing degrees can also work as advertising and promotions managers, market research analysts, and in other related occupations. If this sounds like the perfect field for you, enroll in an online marketing degree program today.


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