Online degrees in economics


Many online degrees are highly specialized. For example, a degree in nursing prepares you to be a nurse, and a degree in teaching prepares you to be a teacher. But other degrees are highly versatile and can prepare students to enter a wide range of careers. One great example of such a degree is economics.

Economics students can certainly become economists who perform research, analyze economic and market trends, and advise companies and governments on economic issues. Economists are employed mainly by federal, state, and local governments and consulting services. But there are many other jobs open to people with degrees in economics, such as budget or financial analyst, market or operations research analyst, and statistician. A degree in economics is also useful for becoming a political consultant, a mathematician, or a teacher. Of course, one of the main fields where knowledge of economics is useful is business.

Online students have a couple of different options of bachelor’s degrees in economics. All types of programs provide similar foundational courses, such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, and economic analysis. But beyond that, each type of program is targeted toward a slightly different audience.

  • Some schools offer a bachelor of science in economics, which focuses on the mathematics, statistics, and analytical skills required for researching and predicting market and economic trends. These programs are best for students interested in becoming analysts, statisticians, and brokers.
  • Other schools offer a bachelor of arts in economics. These programs focus more on the psychological, sociological, and cultural issues surrounding economics. They are better suited for students who wish to pursue careers in government, public policy, or international relations.
  • Finally, some schools offer a bachelor’s degree in business with a concentration in economics. These programs prepare students to enter the business world, for example as financial officers or consultants.

Similarly, students who wish to pursue advanced degrees online can choose from a couple of different paths. A master’s degree in economics focuses on economic theory, while a master’s degree in applied economics provides students with real-world skills for research and economic decision-making. Finally, a master’s degree in business with a concentration in economics is designed for business leaders who want to advance their careers, perhaps by moving to a consultant position.

As you can see, an economics degree is a great way to launch a career in many different fields, and these degrees are becoming more in demand as businesses grow both domestically and internationally. Whether you are interested in business, government, research, teaching, or even the stock market, an economics degree will get you started in the right direction. Many schools offer economics degrees as either fully online or hybrid programs, so you can choose both the degree and the format that will best meet your educational and career needs.


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