Online degrees in health care


Health care is one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States, and the job opportunities are predicted to expand significantly over the next several years. In addition to more trained health care practitioners, like doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, there is also a huge need for health care leaders, like supervisors, managers, and administrators. These people are employed in all kinds of health care settings, such as hospitals, inpatient and outpatient clinics, and assisted living facilities. To fill this need, many students are pursuing degrees in health care leadership. Here is a brief review of the degrees available in this field.

Bachelor of Science in Health Care Leadership

The bachelor’s degree in health care leadership is relatively new. This degree is appropriate both for students already working in a health care setting and for those who are entering the field for the first time, and it is an excellent starting point from which to pursue graduate studies in health care leadership, health administration, or business administration. This online degree program focuses on skills like supervision and resource management, communication, teamwork, ethics, and strategic planning and analysis for the health care industry. Accelerated degree programs are available for students who already have associate’s degrees or have completed other coursework in the health care field.

Master of Science in Health Care Leadership

Most degree programs in health care leadership are at the master’s level. These programs are intended for students who already have a bachelor’s degree, are working in the health care industry, and are interested in advancing into leadership positions, for example, registered nurses. Students in these programs learn about the technologies and other innovations that are changing how the health care system works, current issues in health care, and the overall policies and practices that shape our approach to health care in the United States. Several concentrations are available, including health care information technologies, health care policy, and health care law.

Graduate Certificates in Health Care Leadership

Finally, many online schools offer graduate certificates in health care leadership. These certificates are job-focused programs for people who already have at least a bachelor’s degree and are working in the health care industry. Some programs are more business oriented and targeted toward businesspeople who may entering the health care industry for the first time. There are also several schools that offer online certificates in health care innovation.

If you would like to take advantage of the many current and future opportunities in the health care industry, a degree in health care leadership is the perfect first step. Graduates of these programs work as directors of patient care and assisted living facilities, pharmaceutical and medical device sales managers, and even public policy makers. Research your options for online health care management degree programs today.

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