Online degrees in organizational communication


As a general field, communications has exploded in the past several years. Especially as more of our lives moves online, knowing how to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, is becoming an increasingly essential ingredient for success. In today’s business world, communication can make or break a company.

What is organizational communication?

Organizational communication falls under the general communications umbrella. It is a field that analyzes the role of communication in businesses and other organizations. Organizational communication includes interpersonal communication within organizations as well as how organizations communicate with the outside world (e.g., how businesses communicate with their customers). Effective communication is now recognized as important for business sustainability and success.

What types of organizational communication programs are available?

Bachelor’s degrees in this field come in three main varieties: bachelor of arts in organizational communication, bachelor of science in organizational communication, and bachelor of science in business administration with a concentration in organizational communication. The differences among these programs can be subtle, so before enrolling in any degree program, make sure that it is the best one to fit your needs. Some schools also offer associate’s and master’s degrees in organizational communication that can be obtained online.

What will I learn in an organizational communication degree program?

Most degree programs in this area cover key topics in interpersonal communication, such as crisis management and negotiation, conflict resolution, change management, and intercultural communication, as well as external communication, like media and public relations. Students in these programs also take courses in public speaking, business and professional writing, and communications technologies. Since many of these topics require a high degree of interaction, students in online degree programs use various communications technologies to engage with instructors and with one another.

What are the career prospects for organizational communication majors?

Communication is an essential competency in all business environments, so experts in this area are always in high demand. The job markets for public relations specialists and human resources specialists, two of the top fields for organizational communication majors, are expected to expand significantly over the next few years. Graduates of organizational communication programs can also become social media managers—one of the hottest new jobs of the past decade.

How long will it take me to earn my bachelor’s degree?

In general, it takes about four years to complete an online bachelor’s degree program, but you may be eligible for acceleration. If you have already earned an associate’s degree, you can graduate with your bachelor’s in as little as 18 months.

As with interpersonal relationships, good communication in organizations is absolutely necessary for those organizations to remain viable. No matter what industry you would like to work in, an online degree in organizational management is a great starting point for your career.

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