Online Freelance Jobs: Tips

The blog post “Online Freelance Jobs” introduces you to a new possibility of working as a freelancer from the comfort of your own home. You set your own hours, you pick your job, and you get paid. It’s perfect for college students and sounds great, but like all good things, it takes work to set up and get started.

Your Profile

Here we go again with profiles as discussed in the blog post “LinkedIn Profile.” Just to touch on this topic one more time. Have a professional profile photo. Take the necessary time to fill out your profile as thoroughly as you can.

Online jobs are about trust. It is hard for the employer and employee to trust each other because there is no face-to-face interaction. Both parties are a nameless source somewhere out in internet land. The employer takes a risk hiring you, and you take a risk because you can end up doing work, and then not getting paid.
The first step in building trust comes from your side. That is why a thorough profile with a good photo is necessary. An employer considering you will want to glean as much information as possible.

Picking the Right Job

Really take the time to scroll whatever site you are working with and apply only to a job that really fits your skill set. Otherwise you waste the employer’s time having to trash all the bad applications.
Once you do find a job that fits your strengths, write a personal cover letter for each potential job, just as you would for your career job.

Never Work for Free

If an employer asks you to do some sample work before hiring you, say no. Explain in a gentle manner that your thorough profile should be enough to help make a decision. If it isn’t, there are literally thousands of other opportunities for you to choose from so walk away from this sketchy situation.

Awarded a Job

Once you are awarded a job, ask that the employer release the money into escrow before you start working. If an escrow service is not part of the online platform, then ask for a new client to release 50% of the agreed amount to you.

Once you start working, take deadlines very seriously. Freelancing takes a lot of discipline because you aren’t being micromanaged by a boss who sees you every day.
Also do the job to your absolute best ability, even if it is something stupid like data entry. It teaches you discipline and self- respect.
Once a job is done, don’t be afraid to be asked to be rated if that is part of the platform. Good ratings from previous employers will allow you to apply for the more plume jobs

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