Liberal studies degree online


Liberal studies, also called liberal arts, forms the foundation for many online degree programs. This is an interdisciplinary area that combines courses from many different fields, and as a result can prepare students for a variety of careers.

What will I learn in an online liberal studies degree program?

Rather than focusing on the knowledge and skills required to enter a specific career, like accounting, online liberal studies degree programs provide core 21st century skills, like problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making, that can be applied in any job in any industry. Liberal arts majors take courses in English and literature, art history, psychology, political science, history, economics, cultural studies, communications, media studies, and more. As you can see, liberal arts is a very well-rounded major.

Online liberal arts degrees come in two main varieties. Some programs are designed for breadth. In these programs, students take courses across the full range of liberal arts areas. Other programs are designed for depth. In these programs, students take the introductory courses across the curriculum, but then take concentrations in one or two of the main topic areas. For example, you could major in liberal studies with a concentration in economics, or with a dual concentration in English and art history.

What can I do with an online liberal studies degree?

Since liberal studies degrees focus on analytical thinking, problem solving, and other skills that are valuable in every industry, there is really no limit to what you can do after graduating from these programs. Students who take breadth degree programs can apply their skills to everything from business to public policy. Liberals studies degrees provide an excellent background for leadership positions of all kinds.

Students who take depth degree programs have the advantages of both a well-rounded liberal studies program and a more concentrated degree program. For example, a liberal studies degree with a concentration in communications can prepare you to enter the fields of publishing, journalism, human relations, and so on, while a liberal studies degree with a concentration in art history can prepare you to work in a museum, inform public policy on the arts, or even teach.

Liberal studies degrees can also prepare students to pursue further education in many fields.

How long will it take to get a liberal studies degree online?

Bachelor’s degree programs generally require 120 credits and take about four years to complete. However, if you have taken any college courses in the past, you may be able to transfer your credits to your online program. Many online schools offer accelerated programs as well, so even without transfer credits you could have your degree is as little as two and a half years.

If you are looking for a well-rounded education and a versatile degree that will open many doors in the future, an online liberal studies program is an excellent choice. Explore your options today.

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