Open Relationship

Many people in college find someone they care about and fall in love. It can be a really special time for a relationship to begin. No more high school romance, but rather something a little deeper.
If you are in college, and find yourself in a relationship, that’s fantastic. But, what happens after time passes and you aren’t as excited as you used to be to see each other? Maybe you feel like there could be someone else out there for you. Perhaps you really love your significant other, but want to explore something with someone else.
Should you have an open relationship?
Some partners would be totally against even the idea of an open relationship and others might be willing to try.
Since college is such a time for exploration, it might be difficult for some people to stay faithful, yet these people don’t want to lose what they’ve built with their partner.
If you are going to have an open relationship, that means that you are willing to let your partner be intimate with another person or people.
I suggest you and your partner be very realistic about what that means (safe sex, being open about meeting someone new) etc. Set parameters. The whole point of an open relationship is just that – that it’s open.
Some women may not be as keen as some men on having an open relationship, and may opt out, which totally makes sense. If that’s the case, then there’s not much more to discuss.
If you find yourself in an open relationship and you are enjoying yourself, and your significant other seems happy, then that’s great. If you reconnect with each other and find that having an open relationship has brought you closer, then it’s worked out in your favor.
If it turns out that the open relationship made your current relationship even worse, at least you know the two of you tried.
The bottom line is that the whole point of a relationship is to have fun, and be with someone you care about. So, whether it’s conventional or open, enjoy yourself and choose the path that best suits your needs.

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