Opening the Door

Chris Breen graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Rhetorical Studies. He currently works full time at Thomson Reuters as a sales representative for their Practical Law division in New York City. His main focus as a college student was to never give up on graduation and to seek light at the end of the tunnel when his toughest challenges came forth.

When one door closes; another opens. There is a transition. A physical transformation will take place, but most of all a mental transformation. You’re on the way to a new beginning, a new door. I remember being in high school and thinking that this is life. Just the high school door. All of the same people every day for four years taking the same classes. It felt like I was behind just one door. I literally was. I went into the same building from September to June. After graduation that door closes forever. Opens college. Liberation! Growing up! Doing what I wanted when I wanted, not answering to anyone except my roommate when I played music a bit louder than I should have. Walking from the high school door to opening up the college door will bring you to a larger amount of doors. Which one do you go through?
The experiences you will have at college will affect you for the rest of your life. Plain and simple. The choices you will make in and out of the class room will give way to your future. Walking through the initial college door starts the process every college student goes through. The process of determining what it is that they want to do. I changed my mind twice on my major before graduating. Its common and its ok! But try not to waste time and money. Go into college with an open mind. Not a plan. The plan will develop as you start learning about yourself and opening doors to different experiences. There are many doors I walked through and had to walk back out of. But the whole time I was in college, I focused on the main door. Graduation. The only door you must walk through after you develop your plan. Many of your experiences will come the first three semesters you are in college. You’re developing new habits and meeting new people. You’re growing, so don’t panic when something feels uncomfortable. College will take you out of your comfort zone. That’s what it is designed to do in the class room and that is what being a young college student does as well. You will meet people that will stay in your life forever. Two people I started my freshman year with have recently got engaged and eight friends of mine who I became close with freshman year are still in my life today. I don’t see them as much but when I do see them it is like where we left off.
The transition from the high school door to the college door is the biggest transition you will take before you graduate college and work in the real world. The other doors you walk through while in college are developmental doors, learning experiences. You will have every experience that a normal college student will have as long as you’re opening doors. That is life. Believe it or not you have been having learning experiences your entire life. Except now you are on your own making decisions with the feeling of being empowered. Being empowered brings responsibility. So be ready with an open mind before walking through the doors of college. Always do the right thing, stay disciplined and focused on the door graduation door. Because that door is the next and biggest transition you will have since closing the high school door.

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