Organizational skills

My name is Rebecca; I am a senior and Southern Illinois University, graduating in May 2015 with a Bachelor Degree in Journalism, specializing in advertising with a double minor in marketing and psychology. I have strived to be involved during my college career and hope to bring my experiences to the working world. My hope is to work for an advertising agency that is digital/social media forward and climb my way up the ladder of success.

To me there are three different types of “organized,” people, and in the four years of my college career three have stood out to me.
One, “the loosely loose leaf paper organizer,” this is never a good way to start your college career… if you ever open up a folder or notebook and loose leaf paper comes flying out with different dates and different subject headers and little doodles on the side? YOU ARE NOT ORGANIZED! Let me tell you right now, getting a binder and putting tabs in that sucker will save your life! If you are not one of these students even seeing these “loose leaf paper organizer,” can be stressful too, if you sit next to them in class or if you have a project to do with them… and all you keep thinking about is how you want to take all those papers that fly onto the floor and give them a good tap on the table just to straighten them up! I have been through this situation many times, and each “loose leaf lover,” student has a book bag filled with paper… my advice to these students… GET A BINDER/FOLDER and organize those papers before you get consumed with confusion!
Two, “the notebook hoarder,” this is a mediocre way stay organized, to me having six classes and six notebooks for each separate class is a total hassle and more stress than you need. I say this because, what in a haze getting ready for an 8 A.M class you can pick up your green notebook instead of your blue, and then BOOM you can’t study for the test your about to take in 20 minutes, because you picked up the wrong color notebook. If you ask me I just don’t want to have to keep track of all of them, it is hard enough trying to know all of the material for classes, but then having six notebooks to taunt you about everything you have to learn? It would make me cry every time I looked at the row of them… My advice for the “notebook hoarders,” out there, cut down, one notebook for every class you have and doing this all four years of college is a lot of storage those things are going to take up later on. Cut down, slim down and simplify it will truly help.
Three, “the color coated binder student,” this one just happens to be me. It is one binder you bring with you every day, to every class. Having all your classes for the semester in it with color coated tabs so you can flip to the class you are attending that day or hour. This is a master way to organized; things are never forgotten or misplaced because this life saver binder holds in all! Getting one binder and starting this trend your freshman year can really change your study habits and organizational skills. Just think, you get a piece of homework to do, do it later that week, put it in your course tab, and then your teacher announces “the homework we did last week is extra credit!” You flip that tab and click your binder open with a smile, while the “loose leaf paper guy,” sits and sifts through his 35 papers. And the “notebook hoarder,” slams her head down on the table because she just realized she brought the wrong color folder and notebook to the class… You will not regret this way of staying organized! Trust me!
We all find different ways of organization that works for us, so if a having notebooks works for you as a student, then keep at it. But, just be an overall organized student! It will help you in the long run with job searching as well; you would not believe how many companies ask you about organizational skills! Organization is one of my strong suits and college was a breeze because of that aspect. If you ever find yourself struggling or your grades are hurting, take a breath and organize!

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