Other Jobs that are like Floral Design


Many floral designers have gone into the field because they love both design and agriculture. There are a lot of other occupations that include one or both of these elements, such as fashion design, graphic design, and farming.

Fashion Designers

Fashion designers are kind of like floral designers because both careers involve an understanding of design and require artistry and creativity. Fashion designers’ main responsibilities include creating clothing, shoes, and accessories and figuring out ways to sell their designs. They study fashion designs, try to decide what kinds of clothing or accessories to design for their own collection based on these trends, and use computer programs to help them bring designs to life. They visit manufacturers and trade shows to get samples of different materials; select fabrics and materials with different colors, embellishments, and styles; and collaborate with team members or other designers to make sure their designs turn out as perfectly as possible. Fashion designers often have to present their ideas to bosses, such as creative directors, in order to get approval to move forward with their samples and prototypes. They monitor the final productions of their designs and brainstorm different ways to market their clothing, shoes, and accessories to customers within their target audience. Most fashion designers have at least a bachelor’s degree in their field, and they make an average of $62,860 a year.

Graphic Designers

Graphic designers, just like fashion designers, are like florists because the career involves a combination of design, artistic ability, and creativity. Graphic designers come up with visual concepts for a variety of purposes. For example, graphic designers might come up with logos, website themes, pictures, or advertisements for clients. They first determine the size and scale of different projects, and then they help clients come up with strategies on how to meet their audience and hone in on the message that they want to communicate to the target demographic. They then create the actual images, using computer tools and design aids; select the right colors, layouts, and illustrations; and then get approval for the design concepts from art directors or other team members. They will usually meet with the clients to present their ideas and then make any changes that the client recommends, and finally will edit the designs one last time to make sure they are ready for publication. Most graphic designers have a bachelor’s degree, and they make an average of $44,150 a year.


Unlike fashion designers and graphic designers, farmers don’t need to have much knowledge of design and art. They are, however, similar to florists in that people in both occupations work with plants and the soil. Farmers have to monitor every step of crop production, from planting to harvesting. They first study market conditions and soil conditions to determine how to plant and raise the crops; purchase all the supplies, such as fertilizer and seeds; and then make sure that all the farming machinery is in proper working order. Farmers must adapt their work to weather conditions, fluctuations in the season, and differences in crops’ growing cycles. Farmers often also have to have a knowledge of sales and marketing because they are responsible for keeping financial records and finding a market for their crops. There is no formal education requirement for farmers, and they make an average of $69,300 a year.






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