Other Majors Related to Floral Design

If you have thought about majoring in floral design in school, you likely have some interest in plants, flowers, gardening, and agriculture. There are a lot of other majors out there at the certificate, associate’s, and bachelor’s degree level that also deal with these subjects. For example, you could find and educational program in floral marketing, greenhouse and nursery management, sustainable agriculture, or agricultural business.

Floral Design and Marketing

This may sound just like floral design, but it has the added component of teaching students about business as well. Students get hands-on practice working in a floral shop and learning about all aspects of merchandising, sales, management, design, and the artistic and creative elements of making arrangements. This major prepares people to work in a variety of fields, such as design, retail, management, or even in business ownership. You could be a plantscape technician, wedding consultant, estate gardener, or display artist with a major in this area. Potential classes within this major include general botany, digital design, commercial floral design, flowering and foliage plants, retail flower shop operation, and business writing.

Greenhouse and Nursery Management

If you want to work in a greenhouse or nursery, you may be able to find a specialized degree program that specifically trains you for careers in this field. You could become a greenhouse grower, propagation specialist, horticulture salesperson, interior plantscape technician, greenhouse manager, or garden house manager. Your studies will focus on herbaceous ornamental plants, environmentally-controlled greenhouses, exterior and interior plantscaping, and ornamental plant growing. You might take classes in general botany, exploring horticulture, greenhouse management, oral expression in agriculture, flowering and foliage plants, plant materials, horticulture root media, and sustainable nursery production. You might find a program that teaches both elements of this degree in one, or you might choose a specialty between greenhouse and nursery management.

Sustainable Agriculture

In a program like this, you can learn about farming sustainably while resisting the movement to solely large-scale, industrial production. You will learn about the competitive marketplace, raising plants and animals organically, working on highly specialized farms, and avoiding synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. You will also learn about where you can source organic foods and how to market the fruits of your labor. Your potential career prospects include becoming a market gardener, sustainable agriculture consultant, pest control advisor, researcher, fresh produce buyer, sustainable landscape designer, chef, compost salesperson, or food manufacturer. Examples of classes you might take include introduction to animal sciences, crop management, environmental science, rural sociology, soil science, principles of food and resource economics, and soil conservation.

Agricultural Business

Agricultural business combines the study of farming and plants with the study of marketing, economics, finance, business, and accounting. You will learn how to identify market opportunities, network successfully with other businesses, and develop marketing and business plans. You will take classes in a variety of areas, including chemistry, biology, economics, agricultural communications, the oral expression of agriculture, energy transfer and development, and algebra for business. After graduation you could work in marketing and sales, finance, management, resource economics, or in public service.



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