Over Looked factor in Many Colleges Student’s Lives

Jordan Smelley
Graduate of Tarrant County College with Radio And TV Broadcasting Certificate of Completion Audio Production and Phi Theta Kappa Member

I went through many hardships because of my mental disabilities so I wanted to touch on the importance of being mentally stable.
One reason students may not ask for help for mental health can be because they feel their friends or classmates will perceive it as weakness, but their opinions shouldn’t matter.
Another reason some college students may not ask for help with their mental health is because they fear being kicked out of school which isn’t the case if they have a supportive counselor they see on campus. Sometimes it will take time to find the right person to talk to but that’s ok. That is what happened to me. It took me till I was past my breaking point before I was introduced to a counselor at my campus who understood me and made me feel listened to, and I was just attending a community college. Your mental health is very important because when you are not at your best your work will slip up and your grades will drop.
Sometimes having a counselor you can talk to on campus is good but like in my case came too late and I required hospitalization. This is where another issue student’s comes up with about asking for help. If I ask for help then I won’t be allowed back on campus after I get better. That actually happened to me the first time I required help for my mental health. The college president was so worried about liability that he forgot that even he has faced times that have required him to have someone to talk to, or that sometimes people who are on medicine for mental health just need it adjusted, and I was allowed back on campus the next semester.
Sometimes all a college student needs in order to stay mentally healthy is a counselor on campus that he or she can go to and talk to and get advice. When more help is needed there are places like Messa Springs Behavioral Health Hospital, in Fort Worth Texas, that will do free evaluations and help you figure out what help you need at that moment in time.
There are also regular hospitals that have a behavioral health center and offer what is called Intensive Outpatient Program. This is where you aren’t bad enough to where you need to be in a hospital, but you are close and that’s where this program steps in. It allows you to get similar help to what you would get while hospitalized, but you can go home at the end of the day instead. I did that type of program my last semester of college because I needed help, but didn’t want to drop my class which was at night and it kept the help I was receiving and needed off the radar of the College President . No matter how you look at it if you’re a college student and your mental health is slipping there is no way you will survive college without receiving some type of help. If you find yourself needing help and you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area you can reach Messa Springs at 817-292-4600.

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