Overnight Beauty Tips

I wish there was a magic machine that had me wake up each morning looking gorgeous and ready to go. I swear some days I wake up looking worse than when I went to bed. I have lines on my face from my sheets, a pimple that was not there when I washed my face the night before and mascara that somehow made its way to my cheek. While it may take science another decade or so to develop this magic machine that I so often dream of, I do have several beauty tricks that will help you get the most out of your beauty sleep and actually have you waking up feeling gorgeous.

For your face: If you have dry skin then meet the humidifier, your new best friend. Humidifiers feed moisture into the air, which helps to plump your skin and keep it hydrated at night. Speaking of skin, always apply face products with brightening agents in them at night. Sunlight can actually counteract the agents and stop them from doing their job.

For your teeth: Add a little whitening boost to your teeth by brushing with baking soda before bed. Mix a teaspoon of baking soda with water and leave on your teeth for 5 minutes. The taste isn’t great, but you won’t care when you wake up with a sparkling smile.

For your hair: The summer is all about creating great, beach-inspired waves. This is easy to do at home. All you need to do it shower at night and let your hair partially air dry. Apply a bit of styling cream and then braid your hair. Sleep in the braid and when you wake up you will have a head full of gorgeous waves.

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