Fashion ideas

By Marcela Ortiz Rubio

Lauren Hutton said, ‘Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.’ In the last few years, bloggers have pushed the boundaries on showcasing personal style and mixing and matching all kinds of products: a vintage jacket, a designer bag, a top from a fast fashion retailer… One activity I thoroughly enjoy is looking through Instagram accounts and getting inspirations for daily outfits, as well as for mixing and matching prints and accessories.
Perhaps it’s because of the industry I’m in, or the fact that I attended fashion school, but I see fashion as a form of personal artistic expression. I’ve learned that the way people dress strongly reflect their personality and their mood, and one slight change in the way we dress from one day to another can mean something big is going on inside us.
I believe there are different kinds of people in regards to fashion: there are those who care little about it or even nothing at all; there are those who use clothes and accessories to express something, whether a political viewpoint, a personal liking, a support to a movement… and then there are those, like me, who embrace fashion and its elements but in personal style remain pretty low-key. I have a pretty consistent style that entails basic pieces enhanced by smithereens that might be fashion statements, and there are certain elements in my closet that, although not the epitome of fashion, are basic pieces that I feel really add an extra touch to an otherwise banal outfit.
As a person that believes that black will always be the new black, booties in this color are a must in my repertoire. As a inhabitant of New York City I believe that women running around town in high heels are either masochists, or heroes (I haven’t really decided yet); but a sturdy black booty with a thick heel [that doesn’t seep through crevices on the pavement, thank you very much] is always a good idea; it gives a sophisticated look to any outfit, not to mention the perk of looking a bit taller. Having even the slightest hint of a heel not only changes how I look physically, but also how I act.
Another basic for me: accessories. They can change a whole outfit with little effort (think a simple black top matched with different necklaces every other day); when getting ready for class or work, not having to spend as much time deciding on what clothes to wear but instead embellishing with accessories, can save time… and those precious extra minutes can be used to grab a coffee on the way, instead. This, plus the fact that changing an outfit with accessories is friendlier to my bank account, is why I indulge in them.
With the overload of information and the growing interest in the fashion industry by consumers, learning to edit our looks according to our likes is key to defining our own personal style, for if we feel comfortable with our own panache we’re a step closer to standing up for what we believe in other aspects of life.

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