Moving away from home to live at college is, in many important ways, a clean start. You’ve been accepted to a school you’ve selected to apply to and, for better or worse, anything you did or didn’t do in high school will not be following you along to college.

Likewise, this is an extraordinary chance to do a major clear out of all the junk and clutter you’ve inevitably accumulated your entire life! This is a chance for you to organize all the things you are leaving behind, starting with your baby albums all the way to your high school year book. Clear out and donate, sell or discard all the bits that you’ve outgrown and you no longer have much of an emotional attachment to.

In the process of selecting what to pack to bring to college, consider being, for the most part, highly pragmatic. Find out what is available from college and their stores or local shopping centers. Often times students end up bringing much “baggage” like trophies, banners, picture frames and all sorts of past times. By doing so they are risking missing the point of the entirely new experience! Instead, stick to bringing the essentials you know you will need like a good desk lamp, alarm clock, a comfortable pillow and sheets and blankets. All your regular toiletries and appropriate clothing to last you until you return home for the holidays. Sure, be sure to pack a few pictures of your family best friends or significant other. But for the most part be sure you arrive with an open mind about meeting new people and learning new things. The students who arrive most surrounded by a safety blanket of artifacts from their past are the ones most likely to make fewer friends and isolate themselves by missing out on the brief window of opportunity that occurs at the beginning of the first year when everybody is extraordinarily open to making new friends in everyone around them.

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