Packing for College

Going to college for the first time is a vast unknown. It’s hard to anticipate what you’ll need and how to pack for it. You don’t want to be that high maintenance girl with mounds of luggage in a small dorm room, with no place to put your stuff. Here is a simple guide to packing for college.


Lay out everything you want to pack on your bed to get an overview of what you’ve got. Go wild, have fun, don’t hold back. If you are going somewhere that has four seasons, group items according to weather. Within the weather quadrant, have another breakdown for occasion. Meaning clothes for class, for a job, for parties, for lounging, and for studying. This includes shoes! Now that you can see everything clearly, realize that you can only take half of what you see.

This might seem like an impossible task, but this is where good mix and match skills come in. For every one bottom (skirt, pants, or shorts) try to find up to four tops that will go with it. Try to get the combination of four to cover all four weather seasons. Try everything on and see what combinations work best. You’ll have fun discovering new outfits you never knew you had, while being the most efficient packer in your dorm.

Shoes You Need

You need a pair of rubber flip flops to keep your feet off of any nasty flooring and to shower with. You need tennis shoes because hopefully you will exercise. You will need low heels for any jobs you might get. You should pack some cute ballerinas to get around campus without looking sloppy but still being comfortable. You absolutely need a pair of killer heels to go party in. Also a pair of great boots to get you through a cold winter would be a plus. You don’t need more than that.


Underwear is the one thing you should not scrimp on. Pack everything you’ve got. The more underwear you have, the less often you need to do laundry.

Towels and Bedding

Don’t forget two sets of towels and two sets of sheets for your bed. This allows one set to be fresh and the other waiting in the laundry basket.

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