Party Purses

When you’re headed to the bar, club or house party, you especially want to look your best. That little accessory called a purse can make or break or your look. As with anything you put on your body, it should be in good shape without any holes, tears or anything else making it look it past its prime. With that aside, what are your options?

1. Clutch – There are more options for a smaller purse than just a clutch, but I’m mainly referring to small purses here. A small purse with a strap is ideal for going out on the town because it’s compact, which will help you from bumping into people in what will certainly be crowded situations.

An actual clutch doesn’t have a strap, so I wouldn’t recommend this option because it will keep one of your hands occupied all night. Or if it doesn’t and you set it down, you may have to cancel your credit cards the next morning because it may be in someone else’s possession. Go for a small purse with a strap instead.

2. Totes – Again, there are more options than just the tote, but I’m primarily referring to larger bags here. These are great for campus, and I’ll discuss more on book bags later. But for social situations, these are not ideal because they’re bulky, will be in your way and likely, in the way of those around you. Plus, when you’re at a bar, club or house party, you don’t need to bring enough possessions to warrant a tote, which brings me to your next option.

3. Hands-free – In a social setting, you really only need your ID, a credit card for backup and cash. Some lip-gloss or lipstick can be nice to have on hand because it will likely wear off if you’ve been drinking. These items can easily fit into your pocket, especially if you carry them without a wallet.

This option is really nice because you don’t have to worry about losing your purse, and your hands are free in case you should engage in a game of pool or beer pong. However, you will be missing an opportunity to make a fashion statement by adding that appealing accessory. But don’t write off this option altogether because it can especially be advantageous for dancing. If you’re going to be in a situation where you have to ask someone to watch your purse for you, then don’t bring it. No one wants to be the purse babysitter.

Finally, if you do decide to bring a purse, be sure to select one that complements your outfit rather than matches it. For example, if you’re wearing a green shirt, don’t wear a green purse. Wear a purse in a color that complements it, such as purple, orange or pink.

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