Partying in college

Greetings, all! My name is Dennis. As you may or may not know, my named is derived from the ancient Greek god Dionysus, who was considered the god of wine and revelry. Apparently, my parents had incredible foresight when they named me, because in my adolescent years I found it extremely hard to follow rules. I was very rebellious, and like a great majority of people in high school, I was introduced to alcohol and drugs somewhat earlier than is normally expected since I had been born and raised in Bavaria, Germany, thereby increasing my chances of running into the former more quickly. Everybody dreams of going to Oktoberfest! Well, I lived it.
After many years of letting fate determine where I would end up next, I reluctantly ignored my vow to never seek a higher education when I left high school, and decided to attend college in Colorado. Obviously, I was no longer a novice in the field of drinking, as I was older than most of my peers. Living in the dorms only confirmed my suspicions that I was meeting people that had little to no experience with alcohol.
With time comes experience, as we all know, in all essential parts of life. It is only a question of time when you will be confronted with the choice to drink or not, and being in college only increases the likelihood of those chances. Although I didn’t provide any of my younger peers with alcohol, I couldn’t stop them from procuring it for themselves. Let’s be honest, everybody has that one friend with a fake I.D. or somebody they know that can obtain it legally. I had a lot of fun observing my inexperienced friends, as they made the same classic mistakes we all do. However, the repercussions from drinking when you are in college can be a bit more costly and severe. Of what do I speak?
Well, for one, you must consider the fact that you will be on that campus for four years. Four wonderful and excruciating years, which means you will be seeing many familiar faces, including faculty. If you are caught with alcohol in your dorm, you might be looking at a severe judicial proceeding that might lead to your expulsion. This is also the result of alcohol related incidents like destruction of property, noise violation (when you drinking, you have a tendency to turn the volume up on our speakers), or public intoxication.
If you are drinking, make sure that you have a friend or acquaintance with you that will not partake. This is especially prevalent information for you ladies out there! Knowing your surroundings and partying with people you know will decrease the likelihood of sexual assault! Having a sober member in your entourage will ensure that you don’t end up doing something you’ll regret in the morning. This includes driving drunk. Believe me, from time to time you will wake up with these words echoing in your aching head: “What did I do last night?”
Want to spare yourself the embarrassment of reading texts confessing your undying love to a crush in your psychology course? Give your phone to your rational,.sober friend and make sure you make it clear to them that no matter how much you beg and plead, they are to not, under any circumstances, relinquish that device back into your possession. Especially if you’ve just had a couple shots of tequila. This also goes out to those responsible individuals! If you see your friend is clearly past their limit, try to convince them to take a break, drink some water, or just go home. Time is the best and ONLY method to sober up. Contrary to popular belief, nothing accelerates that process.
You have embarked on a journey to become an adult, so if you think you are old enough to drink despite the age restriction, at least do so responsibly and avoid the dangers associated with drinking.

- Dennis Thompson

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