Partying in college

Shocking – college students like to drink and party. It’s nothing new and it’s not a situation that anyone pretends doesn’t exist. Some choose to partake, some do not. It ultimately is up to you what you decide to do with your free time outside of class. If you do choose to hit the party scenes that go on at your college, it is important that you understand certain things before you even get there.
Rule #1: NEVER go anywhere alone.
Walking to a party, walking home from a party, etc. never, ever, go by yourself. It doesn’t make you look tough and it is not impressive for a girl that is slightly tipsy to insist she can walk home on her own. That isn’t saying that she isn’t capable – it just isn’t smart and anything could happen in that time. Have a buddy system, they taught it to you in kindergarten for a reason. Promise a friend that you guys will leave at the same time and make sure each other gets home safe. Keep in touch with your roommate and plan to meet up to go home together if you had different places to be in a night. Regardless – just don’t go anywhere alone.
Rule #2: NEVER put your drink down.
Putting your drink down and leaving it unattended for a split second to take a fantastic picture with your newfound friends is an invitation for a stranger to slip something into your cup. Date-rape drug use is on the rise with the unfortunate rise in the occurrence of sexual assault and rape on college campuses. Keep your cup in your hand at all times and don’t hand it off to someone that you don’t know really well.
Rule #3: One Night Stands Aren’t Worth It.
Yes, sometimes you hear the movies or even friends talking about how they went home with someone they met that night and then never saw them again after that morning. Nothing is ever as glamorous as the movies make them seem and this situation is no exception. Going home with someone you barely know or just met is an invitation for the possibility of STD’s or other potentially harmful situations. Sure, it may seem fun and adventurous but there is also a ton of other really great ways to get your adventurous side going. The other really negative part of this situation is the awkwardness that ensues when you run into them again – and even more awkward if they don’t remember you. Save your self-worth and your pride.

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