Practice Makes Perfect

Veronica Trosclair
Senior, Sam Houston State University
Graduating December 2014
Mass Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and Advertising

My first day of college I didn’t have a clue of what to expect. In high school I didn’t put in as much effort as I now wish I had. Which is where I gained the belief in, “what you put in today is what you’ll out of tomorrow.” I realize how cliché that might sound, but it’s indeed relevant for this piece of advice. So with my lack of effort in high school when I got to college I desperately needed to learn how to take notes, study, organize my time, volunteer for activities, research for homework (googling didn’t count, as we all know), and become an involved and active student. This all has taken a substantial amount of time. Time well spent most definitely, but incredibly avoidable.
The number one area of people to surround yourself with is family. Most families are undeniably thinking of what’s best for you, and can usually see things that you’re not exactly looking into yet. By getting to college and not having a clue of where to begin I was fortunate enough to have a support system that encouraged me to stick with it and advised me that I would find what I was looking for with enough dedication and patience. Building and surrounding yourself with a strong support system is key in allowing yourself to learn and create new habits during the entirety of your college career. You should seek out those with similar goals and hobbies. The best place to start your scavenger hunt of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals is on-campus organizations.
Finding the right school organizations to become involved in can be tricky. A great place to check out is your schools website. Most school websites have a search bar, and in that search bar you should type organizations. The place where I found my organization Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) was on my schools undergraduate program for Mass Communications majors. It had all of the different organizations for my school of Mass Communications. I’m a public relations and advertising major so this organization has been extremely helpful in meeting people who have similar goals and hobbies as well as it’s given me the opportunity to take advantage of multiple learning experiences.
With these points being made it’s safe to say that getting to college isn’t easy for everyone. However, getting to college is an experience that anyone can make their own, and should most definitely take advantage of. I’ve offered great pieces of advice to help guide you through the beginning stages of your college career. One thing to keep in mind is that if at first when you try and you don’t exactly succeed in the way you plan to get right back up and keep at it. College takes an enormous amount of practice and just that is what will make anyone a great student. Stay dedicated and motivated.

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