Persistence in the job search

With most applications being submitted into cyberspace through some general application, it is hard to know if your dream employer actually got your application and resume. It is no fun receiving some generated response email saying that you weren’t chosen for the job or that you could hear from them in the next 90 days. Learning to make the most of these situations will help you in your job search and actually lead you to getting a response from a real person.
If you are applying to a job with a company that has someone that you have networked with before, let them know that you submitted your application. Networking with someone at events within your college years will benefit you in the long run and in situations like this where you have know idea if your application was actually received. Send the person you have networked with an email and let them know you applied while also attaching your resume. Attaching your resume gives them an easier way to forward your information on to the appropriate person within their company.
Also, it is important to try and find out who within the company is someone that would be a member of your team or someone you work with. You could try an informational interview to get some insight into the company. An informational interview is not an actual interview for the job, it is a chance to ask some questions and learn more about the company to see if it is one that you actually want to work for.
Don’t be afraid to call the person in charge of human relations or whatever number they put on their website for questions. Call to verify that they got your application a day or two after you sent it in. Also, follow up fairly often about the status of your application and if there is anything else that you need to do.

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