Personal Fashion Style

A creative being who just wants to explore her creativity. With a bachelor’s in Creative Art from Siena College and a recent finish to my Masters in Music Production from the Academy of Art University, I’m living life of the edge. Taking things one day at a time.

Fashion on a college campus can be a tricky thing. Depending if your campus is in an “all-inclusive” environment or a city campus, will ultimately decide your fashion sense. I was fortunate enough to live in both types of campuses in two completely different cities.
In my “all-inclusive” undergraduate school, Siena College, fashion was in its most basic forms. Everyone wore black, and our school colors: grey and yellow.
When one is in an environment that is self-sufficient and the student never needs to leave the campus fashion is in the back seat. You live and see the same faces everyday and they know what you look like. Also an athlete, I often strolled my small campus in sweatpants and hoodies.

In my city environment of San Francisco, fashion is in the forefront. The city was our campus so I was inspired to try new fashion styles and colors. Also I was blessed to live with a fashion designer, so we shopped and went thrifting often.

Fashion is really about your mood and how you want to feel. During the most important time of your life, college puts you through changes, and so does your fashion. College is the perfect time to explore your ideals and colors that you love and styles that work for you.

For me, black is my go to color, and comfort is my go to style. Also I love patterns and to experiment with layers.
In a city like San Francisco layers are essential. It goes from 0 to 100 real quick.
To catch up on your latest fashion trends definitely think about what are your go to styles and how you can expand upon them. Chances are your favorite celebrities will be rocking them too before you know it.

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