Ways to save money for college students

I am a junior studying at the University of Massachusetts pursuing a double degree in Finance and Economics. I am a member of the UMass Club Golf Team and Investment club. For work I am employed at State Street Bank as a Global Operations Analyst within Electronic Trade Delivery department. In my spare time I enjoy playing Ultimate Frisbee, watching Netflix, and hiking. Two things I am really passionate about are sustainability, mainly solar and wind energy, and Bitcoin, a newly emerging cryptocurrency. Currently I am studying abroad at the University of Torino Italy focusing on Italian Language and International Business.

As we all know college is EXPENSIVE and there is no sugarcoating that fact. With all the raises in tuition and tons of unnecessary fess universities charge students, it is a struggle for many to enjoy themselves without worrying about the large debt they will be forced to bear upon graduating. Luckily there is a plethora of ways students can have fun, save money, and reduce the cost of attending.
The first thing anyone attending college should do is look for scholarships. There are thousands upon thousands of scholarships and there is absolutely one that will fit you. And even if you don’t meet all the criteria, still apply because there are chances you might be selected anyways. These are essentially free money for simply writing a brief essay and resume and are one of, if not, the easiest way to fund your college experience. Another thing to do is find a job or internship on campus or close by. There are plenty of opportunities all within a short walk from your dorm on campus whether it’s working at the library, the gym, as an academic tutor, a teacher’s assistant, or in the dining hall. These are all great ways to earn money in your free time and even if you only work once or twice a week that still gives you money for spending or saving. Additionally working on campus can give you perks at the place you work, especially the dining hall. At my university each shift you work you are allowed one free meal when you work so with this job you can get a smaller meal plan as well to cut costs. If your university has a buffet style dining hall, bring Tupperware or a bag to stock up on food. Grab a loaf of bread or bagels before you go and take advantage of the fresh fruit they have out. These will be healthy and free snacks you can have later on.
FREE is a big word on all college campuses. There will always be events on campus that provide free food, free entertainment and are a great way to meet new people. Go find clubs that look interesting to, at most they will charge a small fee for semester membership but will provide you with more food and fun than you paid for. And if you do need to go out and buy something look for stores that offer student discounts by showing your student ID. Usually they offer small discounts like 5%-15% off each purchase, but after a while those small discounts amount up to some decent savings. Finally one of the biggest things that you can avoid is ATM Fees. Every campus will have ATMs all over the place, but if you do not have that bank it will charge you a couple dollars to get your money. Avoid this by going to stores that offer cash back for no charge; it will save you a lot in unnecessary fees.

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