Personality Tests

What’s your personality? It might seem like a question more often found on dating websites but it’s a question you may start asking yourself when you begin working on your degree. By analyzing your personality, you can learn how you interact with others, what type of work you will excel at and what motivates you. These are important things to be aware of as they can help you determine your future career and to be successful in your college studies. There are many different types of tests you can take to learn more about yourself and some may even be offered through your school.

Intro or Extro?

One important personality measure is where you fall on the introvert or extrovert spectrum. An introvert is someone who enjoys being alone and can feel stress in social situations. They tent to enjoy reading, quiet environments and can be very creative. Extroverts draw energy from being around other people. They are more likely to be the life of the party, love to talk and usually have a large social network. While people may identify as one or another, most people fall somewhere in between.

Discovering your level of introverted or extroverted personality can help you better understand where you will fit in the working world and how to be successful in your studies. Introverts are normally better at self-directed studies and will get higher grades from writing papers and exams. People who lean towards introverted behaviors make great writers, researchers and analysts.

Extroverts thrive in group-assignment environments and will often take on the role of team leader. They will earn top marks in courses that include oral presentations and competitions. Typical careers choices for people who fall on the extroverted side of the spectrum include sales, politics and teaching.

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