Pieces of a Puzzle

My name is Jeff Brothers. I graduated from Oglethorpe University with a major in History and a minor in Education. I am currently a teacher in North Carolina. My goal is to help students, whether they be my own or another teacher, to excel in all areas of life. Education is a key that will unlock many doors. It starts with the students believing, and I hope to help their belief grow.

When looking for a college many individuals look at one of the following factors: academic programs, athletics, clubs, (unfortunately) party schools, or even location. All of these contribute in one way or another to ones decision on where to attend school. The problem with looking at all of a few of these factors, or even all of them, is that we forget our identity. The key to college is to find out who we are as individuals.
As for myself, I was considered a “jock” in high school. If you were to go back and look for whom I stood for many people would see the articles and assume that all I was interested in was baseball. This label would be entirely false considering my large involvement of extra curricular activities. This traditional label of “jock” did not apply, even though I did end up going to school on a baseball scholarship.
The keys to my success in choosing not one but two colleges was in the extra-curricular activities, and an environment where I could grow as an individual during my time at school. I needed to make sure that I was not defined by one category and I was able to get involved as a student. Once I was plugged in I was able to create the necessary change needed in my life, but first I had to decide what school.
The nerves when one is graduating is what they will do, and what they will accomplish so at the 5 year reunion one can brag to their fellow alumni. The most important step is to take a look at whom an individual stands for and what has contributed to his growth.

The following are questions one needs to consider when looking for a school:
o Where you comfortable in a small setting or did you feel awkward?
o Are you one that needs to be in a big community in order to strive?
o Do you need to have one on one time with your teachers?
o What clubs do you want to contribute to at school?
o Are you looking for a good foreign exchange program?
o Does the school offer multiple options that arouse your interest?

All of these questions are what you need to answer as an individual. If you need to stay near home and you are looking at a school 10 hours away chances are it won’t work out. If you need to have more individual time with a professor chances are you need to go to a small school. The most important aspect here is to make sure the school has multiple opportunities that spark your interest. Just going for one major will normally backfire because if you change your mind you may be stuck at a school that lacks careers you want to pursue.
College is the time for an individual to grow as a person, and like the title says it’s similar to a puzzle. Each choice, each aspect of college is a piece, the goal is not to go somewhere to be categorized by a label like a “jock”. The best place for you to go to college is where you can see many pieces of the puzzle available to you. If there are extra curricular activities and academic majors you may enjoy then chances are you will enjoy your time at college. So when you are looking at different colleges have certain pieces of the puzzle in mind and slowing see where all the pieces fall.

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