Planning for Your Dorm Room – On a Budget

Decorating your dorm room is such an important step in establishing your new home when you move away to college. It is a chance to show off your personality and give visitors to your room a snippet of your life and who you are.
Creating your new space without breaking your budget is something that takes planning, time and a lot of creativity. You shouldn’t break the bank buying furniture and decorations for your dorm room because this is a very temporary living space in the grand scheme of your life.
The summer before you go away to college is the time to start figuring out the type of decorations and furniture you want to bring along with you. There are tons of shopping lists that stores put together that are “dorm room essentials” that add up to an astronomical budget. It is more helpful if you talk to a current college student about what they wish they had brought with them when they lived in a dorm. They will be able to tell you a couple of items that are really important to include. Other than that, think logically about what you should bring. Yes – a shower caddy and shower shoes are essential.
Take a look at Pinterest to get even more decorating and dorm room ideas. There are a ton of crafts that are cost-efficient and easy to do that are much more rewarding when you complete them than just spending money in a store. It’s even cooler when someone compliments something in your dorm room that you created yourself.
Don’t forget to talk with your future roommate about what each of you will be responsible for bringing. You don’t need to end up with two TV’s or microwaves. Look up the dimensions of your room online at your universities website along with the appliances that come included.
By planning ahead and starting early before you move, you will be able to establish a great dorm room without spending too much money. Besides, that money is much better spent buying cute new gear that represents your new school.

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