Preparing for college

Jalondra Jones is earning a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Spanish with a minor in Business Administration and is expected to graduate Fall 2015. She is involved with numerous organizations across Texas State campus that focuses on the advancement of the multi-cultural community and served as a board member in many political organizations. She hopes her student involvement opportunities will continue to groom her to became a well-rounded and effective leader and to go on to bigger opportunities post college. Jalondra is greatly interested in Fashion PR, which has prompted her to volunteer at numerous state fashion shows and to work on visual projects for event-planning companies. She is also developing her personal fashion/lifestyle blog titled

Jalondra Jones was born in Guam and then the military brat found her home in Converse, Tx where she spent most of her childhood. She hopes to leave the small confines of San Marcos and go to the most fashion inspired cities such as New York, Atlanta, and more locally, Dallas. She is always aspiring to conquer new things and be part of creative projects that can showcase not only her passion for fashion, but her ambition and dedication to building her career.

You made it to college and after months of preparing you are finally here. Through pep rallies and organization fairs, you find yourself faced with a million choices that whether you know it or not, will shape you into who are going to be for the rest of your life. The choices you make your first year heavily dictate how your college career ends, but don’t worry. College is a very forgiving place and you can try as many things as you want and still be ok. It’s all about finding your role.

The Leader- Many people have that can do attitude that they need to jump into as many things as they can and dominate it. They want to be on executive boards, volunteer, to lead projects and everything else they can think of just to get noticed. More often than not, they get so consumed into their extracurricular activities that they lose sight on what they are really there for… education. It’s perfectly fine to be involved, but it’s important to find a balance between org life and studies.

Opportunities will always be there and while they may look good on your resume, a bad GPA because you were distracted is a hindrance. Pace yourself. Networking is important, but not if it means you flunk out your first semester.

Social Butterfly- There are so many different kinds of people at college and so many chances to gain friends. It’s easy to be a part of different circles and become “popular.” Don’t feel the need to seclude yourself to only one group of people. College is like a big melting pot of cultures, personalities, and perspectives and you can literally learn something from everyone. Also being well liked and well known can be a total plus for you. It opens the door for networking, recommendations for future opportunities, and social positions that will contribute to your overall development.

The Bookworm- Everybody loves the smart kid. The teachers love you because you’re attentive in class and you are dependable to turn your work in. Everybody want to be your partner for every project and you just know you’re going to the Dean’s List champion. While succeeding in school is the main reason for going to college, don’t forget to come up for air every once in a while. These are supposed to be the best years of your life, but you can’t forget to live it. Be social, join a club, plan a trip for spring break and be spontaneous. Wake up every day and learn something new about yourself and make memories to tell your grandchildren. Half of what you’ll take from college will the experiences that you made and that’s what will contribute to the final version of you.

These are just a few of the types, but the important thing is to be all of them and find a balance. If you want to hold study sessions every Friday after your org’s event and discuss it over pizza later with your friends that is perfectly fine. Remember you don’t want to leave college with any regrets so just go out there and do you.

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