Pop of Color for Spring and Summer

I’m usually a neutrals lover when it comes to makeup – especially in the fall and winter. However, when the days get longer and I start to replace my many sweaters with t-shirts and sundresses, I like to add a bit of color into my otherwise plain makeup routine.
There are a few ways that I like to incorporate color into a spring or summer makeup routine, and they are all very easy to do and require minimal effort. When I say incorporate color, I mean to add a pop of brightness in one place, rather than going all-out crazy with pink eye shadow, neon pink lips and bright orange cheeks.
One way to incorporate a pop of color into your warm weather beauty routine is to apply a brighter color to your lips. Orange and pinks are very in right now, so choose a bright gloss or lipstick, and really go for it. When playing up lips I prefer to keep the rest of the face really natural in order to really make the lips the focal point of the look. Go for a baby pink or peach blush on the cheeks, and keep eyes bare with just a couple of coats of black mascara on the upper lashes only.
Another way to incorporate bright colors into your look is to apply a bright, iridescent pink eye shadow to the lower lash line. I really love how doing this draws attention to the eyes without being too much. Again, try to keep the rest of the face pretty natural by applying a wash of nude of golden shadow to the upper eyelids, and add a touch of prettiness to the cheeks and lips with sheer, neutral pink shades.
My personal favorite way to incorporate color into my spring look is by wearing bright pinks, corals and oranges on my nails. These shades bring life to a casual outfit, like a t-shirt and jeans, and look spectacular with a summer tan!

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